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What is Startup Europe India Network ("SEU-IN", reads See You In)?

SEU-IN is a partner for growth, investments, and strategic sourcing in the European and Indian digital markets. SEU-IN works with Startups, Investors, and Corporates and works alongside the enablers – Incubators, Accelerators, Universities, and National agencies in order to accelerate growth, source investments and innovation, and connect talent. SEU-IN is set out as the key initiative for Startups in the "EU-India agenda for action 2020" between EU and India. Check and reach out at for discussions.


VISIT STARTUP INDIA ("VSI") is a mission to take the European startup ecosystem (startups, scaleups, corporates, investors) to meet with the key-players in the Indian digital & ICT space in Delhi and Bengaluru, two major startup hubs. VSI is organized by Startup Europe India Network ("SEU-IN") in collaboration with the Startup Europe initiative of the European Commission.

JOIN the visit and meet with key Indian startups, investors, corporate innovators, and hear directly from the Indian policy makers on the startup environment and the Indian market opportunities. VSI participants also attend the high-profile Startup EU-India Summit in Bengaluru on their final day of the visit.

Why Delhi and Bengaluru?

VSI includes meeting with startups, scaleups, incubators, accelerators, corporates located in the Delhi and Bengaluru regions. Delhi was chosen as it is the centre of policy making in India and NCR (National Capital Region) is one of the strongest tech poles in India. Bengaluru is known as "Indian Silicon Valley", being the biggest and most thriving startup ecosystem in India. Bengaluru will also host Startup EU-India Summit, where we bring together the European and Indian ecosystems.

How does the Sponsorship for Startups and Scaleups work?

Startups and Scaleups APPLY to be reviewed by an expert team. Apart from the business assessment, we also look out for the relevance to the Indian market or ecosystem players. We plan to select 10 Startups/Scaleups only.

Selected Startups and scaleups cover their own costs. Selected few might be offered some part sponsorship, subject to availability. Sponsorship offers will be communicated separately. Please note India requires visa to enter, and startups/scaleups’ participants should make sure to apply for the Indian visit Visa in time.

How can Incubators, accelerators, investors, corporates and others participate?

We are taking the European ecosystem to India. So Investors, Corporates, Incubators, Accelerators are invited to express interest through GET INVITED. Invitations are sent out based on the interest in engaging with innovation and with the European and Indian markets. The participant fee for the delegation is EUR 1000, which includes participating in the Startup EU-India Summit in Bengaluru. Travel and other expenses are not included. We want every one who has genuine interest to be able to participate in VISIT STARTUP INDIA. Selective cases, on a need-basis, participation fees may be waived. Don’t let the fee stop you from participating.

VISIT STARTUP INDIA, STARTUP EU-INDIA SUMMIT, STARTUP EUROPE INDIA NETWORK and other organizers related entities will provide only those facilities explicitly mentioned.

How can I sponsor VISIT STARTUP INDIA?

Sponsorsing VSI, and also Startup EU-India Summit is easy. Send us an email or Whatsapp/call us at +44 7985 661 949.

What is the agenda?

The Agenda is a 4-day visit to Delhi and Bengaluru in October (tentatively 17 - 20 October). 2 days in Delhi, 2 days in Bengaluru, including attending the STARTUP EU-INDIA SUMMIT in Bengaluru. Participants will meet with Startups, Scaleups, Investors, Corporates, and Policy makers in India at various occasions and will involve company visits. A detailed Agenda will be shared with the participants.

What are the requirements to visit India?

India requires Visas for visiting the country If you are not taking the place, it is a lost place for someone else. . Please make sure you apply in time and is Visa ready for the visit. Visit for Visa applications,